DIY Bath Soak

DIY Bath Soak

par: Jessica James

Let's face it, choosing a gift for the women in your life can be tough work. Trying to find that perfect balance of heartfelt, useful, and pretty while still not breaking the bank can be tricky. Enter the DIY project! DIY's are simple to make, affordable, and if you pick the right DIY it can be zero-waste AND targeted specifically towards the person's interests!
Lately I've been really enjoying making diy bath soaks and gifting them in glass mason jars. The beauty with this is you can truly personalize each one by using a different mix of essential oils, ingredients, and packaging- You could even make a wellness set with multiple scents and give them as a larger gift! And the best part- it is SO, SO SIMPLE!.  Here's what you'll need for a mason jar bath soak:
  • 1 cup of Epsom Salts - You can buy these in bulk from most health food/bulk stores to save on packaging and cost
  • Essential Oils - (10-25 drops of any scents you think your mom would like! (Try lavender chamomile for sleep or eucalyptus sore muscles!)
  • 2 tbsp of Carrier Oil - Any liquid oil works best - try almond, avocado, or a liquid coconut oil
  • Extra Ingredients, if desired (Be creative! this part isn't necessary, but adds a really beautiful artisan touch to your finished product- think of things like eucalyptus sprigs, dried chamomile, lavender buds, flower petals)
  • A sealed container of any sort- glass is great, so i normally stick to mason jars or other glass jars i've kept in my cupboards!
  • Ribbon to tie around the neck of jar, if desired!
Add the epsom salts, essential oils, carrier oil and extra ingredients to the jar. Feel free to tailor this recipe too- It's definitely not a perfect science. If you want your soak to have even more dried botanicals, go right ahead and add more. If you know the person your gifting for loves grapeseed oil, use it! Once you've gotten your soak to where you're happy with it, simply put the lid on, give the mixture a shake, and tie a pretty ribbon around the top of the jar! Seriously, it's that simple!

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